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What is Google Allo? Why should we use it? Everything you want to know

Google Allo

Google Allo, Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered instant messaging application was introduced alongside Google Duo, during the annual I/O event of the company, dates back in May, this year, and since then, the app has kept on overwhelming other instant social messaging sites with its powerful functionalities and efficient features. With the revolutionary and personalized platform of Allo, Google after years stepped into the social media realm and successfully drove the attention of the entire world.  So what is Allo is all about and how it can benefit the social world?? Here is everything you need to know about Google Allo:

What is Allo?

Google while introducing Allo, described as an instant messaging site, having compatibility for both Android and iOS users. But if you take an in-depth look at the features of the app, you will find it something more than a simple messaging site that allows users to text other people. It is empowered by the technology of Artificial Intelligence, and it makes it more distinct than other apps.

Google Allo

How does Google Allo work?

Like WhatsApp, Allo ultimately depends on the mobile number, which one can use for messaging or texting others. However, unlike Whatsapp, it allows users to send the message to each person using Android and iOS devices, not simply to the Allo users. Aside from that, Google also highlighted three major parts of Allo like Expression, Google Assistant, and Security.


Google Allo

Allo Self- Expression

Starting with self- expression, Google Allo in this segment features emoji, smiley and stickers like others have. However, an additional feature called Whisper-Shout makes the app different from other. Whisper-Shout allows the users to resize text by dredging up and down on the screen.

Allo Assistant

Rolling up to Allo Assistant, it is the latest iteration virtual assistant of Google that will allow the users to locate the nearby locations like food center or restaurant. If you are searching for a nearby Italian restaurant, then Google Allo Assistant can suggest you the nearest location. Google Assistant is also designed to remember things like name, address, and other information.


This feature allows all the chats and messages of Allo to encrypt. Along with this, Allo also facilitates users an Incognito Mode, which can make you enjoy better privacy with end-to-end encryption.

Google Allo

Availability details of Allo

Though Google has introduced the App in May this year, no official date for the availability of the application on Android and iOS is yet announced by Google.

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