213 stolen dinosaur eggs and a completed skeleton retrieved in China

Chinese Police has recovered over two hundred stolen dinosaur eggs were found along with a skeleton from stairs of a house in Guangdong province in China, said an official on Thursday. The eggs were seized by the police after fuel went missing on the construction site and police started search operation meanwhile they discovered the stolen dinosaur entities.

According to police, 213 eggs and a complete dinosaur skeletons were seized on 29 July that were hidden beneath the stairs of a house. Police reported that in the month of June and July workers had unearthed several hundreds of dinosaur eggs, but villagers stole it and started collecting it. Nearly all the eggs got stolen even before scientists could examine them. Intervening in the matter, police started investigating and found more than two hundred eggs from a house. More eggs are expected to be found in coming days, says China Police.

It isn’t confirmed yet that eggs found from the house are the same that were stolen from the construction site.

The discovered dinosaur was identified as a Psittacosaurus (a herbivorous that fed on plants), said Heyuan Museum that collects and displays dinosaur eggs. The museum is also known as “hometown of the dinosaur” as it has calloected more than 10,000 dinosaur eggs in last decade, which is als a Guinness record.

Moreover, Police is investigating the site and nearby homes to retrieve other dinosaur eggs that were stolen from the construction site.

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