Facebook Messenger Upgraded With Support for 3D Touch for iOS Users

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Finally, the 3D sensation starts rolling up on Facebook and Facebook Messenger updated with the functionality of 3D touch support. Facebook will soon be turning the 3D Touch support to its Messenger application running on iOS. Till now, the iOS users could search through the main Facebook application with the assistance of pressure-sensitive screen.

But now with the 3D Touch Display, users can get comprehensive support for quick action in their FB Messenger App. However, to use this facility, users need to upgrade their device. After the upgrade, the users will get the options to utilise direct Messenger commands attached to the 3D Touch features.

Highlights of the Upgrade

  • The very first update of the Messenger for 3D Touch was initiated in December 2015 and this new version will boost the functionality and quickness of the platform for its users.
  • With this option, users can enjoy an updated “Peek and Pop” Option in their messenger. One can press “Peek” to get a quick preview and tap on “Pop” for reading full conversation.
  • This 3D Touch upgrade on iOS platform will allow users to preview pictures, video clips, chat conversation, contacts, URL links, location, and stickers using the pressure-sensitive display.
  • Though there are many messenger apps exist in the digital market now, 3D Touch support is only accessible on FB Messenger.
  • Users now can upgrade their messenger app from the App Store as “Messenger Version 79.0”. However, this upgrade version of Facebook Messenger can only run on iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

Lastly, though most of Messenger users do not find the features of 3D Touch much useful, Apple hoped that Facebook developers would find the colossal efficiency of this feature for their apps. Yet, the upgrading progress has been pretty slow.

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