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Men who work out moderately on regular basis like walking or 20 min cycling are likely to lower heart failure risk when compared to their highly physically active and least physically active counterparts, says a new study. Both, no workout and extra workout increases risk of heart failure, claims study.

The study was based on 14 years (1998-2012) analysis of 33,012 men from the Cohort of Swedish Men. Researchers wanted to find an interlink between physical activity and heart failure. After observing the participants for over a long period of time they found that the men who were least active has 47 percent risk of heart failure while extra workout further increases the heart failure risk to 51 percent. Men with medium workout had least chances of heart attack, the study found.

Researchers also analysed different types of physical activities and their role in occurrence of heart failure and found that walking or cycling for 20 minutes per day was associated with the largest risk reduction. For this, the study authors ordered participants to complete a survey that included physical activity level at the age of 30 years and 60 years. The study authors assigned intensity value to each physical activity and found that 20 minutes bicycling or walking every day lowered heart failure risk by 21 percent. It is the maximum reduction in heart failure risk when compared to any other physical activity.

In addition, researchers pointed out that men who are active at 30 years but are inactive at 60 years, does no good to them as they are equally prone to heart failure risk like men who were inactive at 30 years.

Lead study author Andrea Bellavia, of the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm said that recent activity plays a vital role in lowering heart failure risk and physical at young age has negligible effect on heart for those who aren’t active at older age.

Although the study interlinks physical activity with heart failure risk but the study authors are unable to explain it. More research is needed to confirm the findings.

The study appeared in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology: Heart Failure.

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