More than 1600 space applications have revolutionized common man's life, ISRO chief

More than 1600 technological innovations that were created for space applications have played revolutionary role in daily life of a common man, said ISRO chief A S Kiran Kumar at a convocation ceremony of a private university in New Delhi. While addressing the crowd he said that technologies including megapixel camera, MRI, advanced cardiac pacemakers, all were developed for space applications which later became essential part human life on Earth.

“The megapixel cameras using which you take selfies was originally designed of space photography. The MRI that acts as guide to life-saving (medical process) was made for moon observation for Apollo Mission. Velcro used in bags, shoes and purses were popularised to bind equipment in zero gravity solutions. In fact, over 1,600 technologies ended up revolutionising our lives,” he said.

He also accepted the fact that India needs to innovate in order to compete with other countries. Also, the innovation must come in a cost effective manner. For this to accomplish researchers can use existing technology, knowledge and expertise to innovate and develop new technology in a cost-effective manner, according to the ISRO chief. While being proud, he said that ISRO has always been on the same path and has successfully adopted its innovative concepts and technologies since early days of its inception.

He further pointed out that India’s space missions including GAGAN, IRNSS, Astrosat, Aditya have seen several technological advances. Now, ISRO scientists are working on making reusable space shuttles which will significantly bring down the cost of satellite launches.

Apart from megapixel camera, memory foam mattresses, home blood pressure kits, digital signal processing for MRI and Cat scans, dental braces, cardiac pacemakers, scratch resistant lenses, implantable insulin pumps, etc are some out of 1600 technological advancement that were developed for space missions, eventually ended up revolutionizing common man’s life.

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