16-Yr-Old Raghav Chandak suffering from cancer scores 95.8% in ICSE

Raghav Chandak, a 16-year-old boy has become a source of inspiration for many as he excelled in his ICSE examination where he scored 95.8 percent. What’s striking about the kid is that he completed his studies from the hospital as he was diagnosed with the acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) in April, last year due to which he attended the classes in the Heritage School for just two months and for the remaining part of the year he took notes to hospital room where studied for several hours per day.

His cousin who was in the same class gave him classroom notes to carry forward his study. Raghav’s father Manoj Chandak revealed that the young boy had lived in the hospital for one-and-a-half months at a stretch. After that, he had spent at least a week in the hospital every month for chemotherapy which weakened his immune system, but his spirit to fight against the disease and excel in the worst situations remained intact.

School management had been very supportive to Raghav and gave him the liberty to call up teachers anytime directly in case of any doubt. Teachers ensured that he received all the class notes at regularly during his chemotherapy sessions at the Tata Medical Centre.

When Raghav was first diagnosed with cancer, his father thought that his child will not be able to appear for the exams. “We thought he will not be able to appear for the exams. We went to the school and told them about it. They said, you take care of the medical condition and we will take care of his studies,” said Manoj Chandak.

Whenever Raghav went to the classroom, he got a special bench to sit. The young kid said that nothing would have been possible without everyone’s support and he thanked his parents, teachers, friends and doctors. He wishes to get into IITs and become an engineer in future.

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