After consuming green tea which was purchased online, Teen complaints of hepatitis. According to the report of some doctors that some teenager developed grave health crises like acute hepatitis after being challenged to lose weight with the help of green tea.

According to the report of the British Medical Journal Case Reports, an unidentified patient came to her family physician with the illness of vomiting, joint pain as well as abdominal groans. After examining her symptoms, the doctor suggested her antibiotics and sent her home. Though, the patient returned to the emergency ward of the hospital with acute pain and jaundice also.

This 16 years old teenage girl told her doctor in London that she had started drinking green tea in order to lose weight. She also told that “I had only lost only few pounds but after some day’s I observed terrible pains in my joints, and felt very wobbly as well as sick,” she said in the research study. “I was very frightened when I was admitted to the hospital and had so many tests. I didn’t completely recognize what was going on at the time.”

After completion of lots of tests, the health professionals diagnosed her with severe hepatitis, and after administering her with intra venous fluids, the patient’s signs as well as symptoms of acute hepatitis disappeared.

The team of health professionals didn’t test the culprit green tea. Though, they stated that the product itself enclosed some of the pesticides which were really present on the leaves of the green tea, all of which are recognized as harmful for our liver.
According to the opinion of Dr. Donna Seger, head of the Tennessee Poison Center in Nashville, every person should verify the details of herbal product ingredients before buying any type of herbal supplements through online.

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