Watch: Stranded for six hours, 47 foot long Blue Whale was pushed back into sea at Konkan beach

15 tons Blue whale rescued in Ratnagiri, Maharashtra successfully drove back into ocean

What could have been a horrifying death for a 47ft-long Blue whale that was discovered stranded at the close shoreline Jaitapur, a few hours of difficult endeavors by more than 100 fishermen to ensure that the whale was securely pushed again into the ocean on Sunday? Sunday, a blue whale, was rescued by anglers and local people from the shoreline of Madban in Rajapur taluka of beach front Konkan district of Maharashtra which was more than 47-foot long and weigh more than 15 tons.

N Vasudevan, the Chief Conservator of Forest (CCF) and head of Maharashtra Mangrove Cell guided and helped the Ratnagiri forest officials from Mumbai in the rescue operation of the giant whale. Answering to a newspaper, he said that, the whale appeared to have been washed shoreward and was catching in shallow waters for several days.

According to Mr. Vasudevan, “The whale was spotted on Saturday. But the fizzling light and defer in locating the spot postponed the operation to safeguard it. The operations could start just on Sunday morning. Forest authorities with the help of more than 60 local anglers initially tried to push the whale to the deep ocean, but its sheer weight and high waves made the rescue operation troublesome.

After a long 6 hours of hectic maneuver and effort, Forest officials along with the local anglers and villagers successfully pushed the weighty whale to the deep sea. As said by Mr. Vasudevan, the rescue operations took 6-7 hours for driving back the whale to the sea and more than 70 people were involved in this salvage process.

According to a local fisherman of Madban, “It might have slowly drifted towards the shore and perhaps got trapped during low tide”.

Journal Badri Chatterjee later tweeted the video on his twitter account. In the video, locals are helping the blue whale to swim back in the sea.

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