15 Must-Know Rumoured Features of the New Rs 2,000 Currency Notes

2000 INR new Note

Earlier two days which was appeared to be a standard day, when most Indians were folding up their work and moving towards home, India’s Honourable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi had news for the Indians, which stunned the entire globe. In his 40-minute of speech, Mr Modi commenced a courageous and unexpected step for defending with the black money and unapproved income by banning the 500 and 1,000 rupee notes in the country. This news created high waves all through the nation and made people count their 500 and 100 rupees notes while the USA was busy in counting its presidential votes. However, in the midst of this bedlam, The Finance Department of India with the collaboration of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) dispatched a new section of 2,000-rupee notes.

The Reserve Bank of India uncovered the new category of Indian currency Notes on the 8th November, and the configuration of the new note is found to be entirely new and unrivalled with the old 1000 notes. The new entry of 2000 is the highest currency of currency notes launched by the RBI since January 1978, when 5,000 and 10,000-rupee notes came into power. The new fresh purple-clad of 2000 Rupees Currency Notes have already entered into Indian economy section from 10th November, and people are found to stand in long queues for hours to exchange their old 500 and 1000 notes with the new Notes. However, a number of rumours like 2000 notes have GPS tracking Chip have kept on overwhelming the Indians, and everyone wants to know about the unique features of the new 2000 note. And here we have collected top 10 rumoured features of 2000 currency note that can blow up your mind:

  • The first rumoured feature that has kept on taking the India by storm is “2000 currency notes have nano-GPS tracking chip”. The nano-GPS is said to be capable of tracking the route of the cash as well as can also be used for in navigating the traffic. To use it, pull the note out of your wallet and put it on the dashboard of your car, followed by a swipe from left to right. Soon after the swipe, the Digital guidelines will turn up on it and will direct you home.
  • Rolling up to the second most highlighted rumour, the Rs 2000 can also be used as a permit for the future manned Mars mission. The new notes have the photo of Mars Orbiter which is claimed to have a hidden code that can lead you to Mars.
  • The new Note can be used for tracking if there is bellyache within a 200-metre radius.
  • The Rs 2000 is whispered to have an embedded nano camera and voice recording configuration which will get activated if a person tries to hide taxes. Details of black money hoarders will be captured through this nano camera and will be automatically sent to the Indian government.
  • Some are alleging the Rs 2000 note to be constructive of exploring the planetary system, as it can be used as small telescope while rolled and then can be used to look at objects as far as Mars.
  • If you tear down the new 2000 notes into four equal pieces, it will turn into four new 500 currency notes.
  • If you backup your VoLTE phone with the new 20000 notes, it can boost up you Reliance Jio 4G speeds.
  • The new 2000 notes are also said to have an entrenched Jio SIM card which can facilitate users with high-speed data. However, authentication can only go on after a “tear-down”.
  • Every time you make a transaction with the 2000 rupees note, 35 paise will go to the fund of Swachha Bharat Abhiyan.
  • The Rs 2000 note also has exclusive memory cells which can store up to 16GB sanskari songs and videos.
  • The Rs 2000 note can also be upgraded with new versions of software remotely. This added upgraded option would assist government to add more features to it. As per the rumours, using the satellite beam of ISRO, the software of 2000 notes can be updated.
  • The 2000 currency notes are also said to have hidden Wi-Fi feature which will be auto-connected to government’s Railtel and Google Wi-Fi in the railway stations that use, across India.
  • The Rs 2000 note can also act as a 3.5mm jack to Lighting or USB-C adapter while rolled, which will eventually a lot of Indians who use the smartphones that lack the port of headphone jack.
  • The Rs 2000 can also be used as a wireless charger for the smartphones that have the feature of wireless charging. Users only need to keep their smartphone on the 2000 note, and the battery will be automatically charged.
  • The new 2000 notes also have a new technology called Chinese Product Recognizer (CPR) technology which will not let the consumers buy any Chinese manufactured goods. It will only allow Indians to buy Make-In-India or Patanjali goods.

After all, it can be said; imaginations are beyond than anybody’s reach, and hence we get to see such types of gossips from social media platforms. These rumours could only misinform the general public without serving any reasonable purpose. The 2000 note is just like a simple and standard Indian currency notes, with some changes in configuration, styling, and designing, neither it has any GPS chip or any implanted Reliance Jio SIM.

Disclaimer: All the above-described features are the creation of some smart people on Social Medias which later went viral on the internet, driving the entire nation into high waves of dumbfounding.

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