Latest Cassini image shows close-up view of mysterious hexagon and north pole of Saturn

In less than two months, the spacecraft which is already running short on fuel will be found to be moving around the atmosphere of Saturn. The spacecraft will be taking the last photographs till the signal is lost forever.

Hurling through space for 7 complete years, Cassini arrived in the orbit of the Ringed Planet on June 30, 2004, or July 1, 2004, according to the GMT. The spacecraft of NASA has been examining Saturn for around 13 years; it has definitely been an amazing inspiring journey.

Here are certain facts on the spacecraft Cassini:

  • A spacecraft Cassini was launched 15th October 1997 on a space mission and it started orbiting the Saturn in the month of June 2004.
  • Cassini has orbited the Ringed Planet for around 13 years right from arriving the planet’s orbit in the year 2004, achieving amazing discoveries regarding the planet and all of its moons which are covered with ice. However, it’s running very low on fuel.
  • The spacecraft started transitioning into the finale of orbiting, making the last and close flyby of the gigantic moon of the ringed planet Titan on April 22.
  • Gravity bent the flight path of Titan which resulted in the shrinkage of the orbit of the spacecraft till it was on the direction course to travel between the rings’ inner edges and Saturn.
  • Cassini started the first 22 dives by a gap that was unexplored on April 26.
  • The mission of Cassini will terminate officially on September 15, post a planned plummet through the atmosphere of Saturn.
  • The spacecraft will transmit the collected data from various instruments till the final loss of the signal all through the while.
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