104 year old Indian lady oldest to under go hip replacement surgery, World Record!

A 104-year-old women from India became oldest person and created a world record after she underwent a complicated partial hip replacement surgery. The surgery took place at a private hospital in Greater Noida, near the national capital New Delhi.

Mateshwari Devi, (the unique record holder) suffered a fracture in her hip after she fell. Doctors said that hip replacement surgery was the only way she could have walked. Previously, this unique record was held by Edith Dewhurst of Stockport, Greater Manchester (UK), who underwent the hip replacement surgery at the age of 103 years.

“She was suffering from pain in her left thigh and was bed-ridden. We took her to a hospital in Greater Noida where a diagnosis revealed that she had a fracture in her hip bone and the ball at the joint had dislocated,” said her son Narendra, a retired UPPCL engineer.

According to Narendra, Devi was admitted to Jaypee Hospital in Greater Noida back in May and since then she has been under the supervision of doctors who did well to successfully complete the surgery.

“Before the surgery, we conducted a whole body examination and review by a cardiologist, chest physician and nephrologists. We found her fit for surgery,” said Dr Sanjay Gupta, joint replacement surgeon at Jaypee Hospital, adding that she was discharged in five days.

Doctors admitted the fact that it was very tricky to take decision for the surgery due to her advanced age but Devi has shown remarkable recovery despite her age and now she is walking and doing daily activities with the help of a walker. It took an hour to perform the surgery.

After seeing her recovery, her son Narendra said that his family is glad to take the decision on surgery and as of now they are just happy and have no plans to register the unique record in Guinness World Records.

Devi was born in 1911 and has given birth to five children — Lilawati (80), Shushila (73), Narendra Singh (65), Phulwati (61) and Bindu (56).

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