100cc Royal Bullet with 90kmpl mileage soon to roar on roads

Looking to buy a Royal Enfield Bullet? Finding its price drilling your pockets hard? Frightened of its after sales costs, in terms of mileage and maintenance? You don’t have to worry about that now. A Bhubaneshwar-based motorcycle manufacturing startup, Royal Udo has come up with a new replica of traditional Royal Enfield Bullet. This new replica is named as Royal Indian.

The Royal Indian comes with a 100cc engine. Hence, having a lower power engine makes the bike cost efficient in terms of sales and on roads as well. As per the reports, the bike will cost somewhere around Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 70,000 on road. While the fuel-efficient engine will save riders wallets by providing a mileage of around 90 kilometers per liter.

The legendary Royal Enfield Bullet is ruling the Indian roads since its launch in the mid 20th century. These days thousands of Bullets are roaring around in each city. Where fans are there who want to purchase the muscular bike, however, they resist themselves due to its price and mileage. This is the segment where the new Royal Udo’s Royal Indian comes in. The 100cc bullet has been designed to target the heat of Bullet in the price sensitive market of India.

In terms of looks, the 100cc Royal Indian Bullet flaunts retro round headlight. While, the rear of the bike is featured with a hemispherical red tail light which was found in the RE Classic model. RE Bullet’s popular teardrop boxes are also installed on either side of the bike, however, they are tilted a little to make a small difference from original bike. The fuel tank of the 100cc bullet looks similar to the one which comes with RE Electra variant. While the seat is a replica of Royal Enfield Standard 350cc bike, assisted of course by the word ‘Bullet’ at the back of the seat.

Besides these similarities, there are also rubber protectors on the fuel tank, the design of the battery cover, keys, and tool box cover, rear fender are also similar. The main difference between the heavier and the lighter bike is of the engine, but to make it look decent the lower part (gear-box and oil chamber) and the engine is blackened. So while looking at the bike the engine doesn’t look that small as that of Hero Splendor.

The legacy of RE Bullet is with its heart-beat i.e. dugg-dugg sound from the exhaust. Royal Udo has maintained the legacy by installing a silencer exhaust similar to the aftermarket parts available for the original bullet. Now the question here arises that what kind of exhaust note the bike produces. The video below demonstrates the same.

The 100cc Royal Enfield, which is surprisingly quite a deep sounding noise. This is not what one could expect with a small 100cc engine. It does sound good to go well with its personality.

If the motorcycle passes the durability test, it can create a good competition to Bajaj V which is also available in similar price segment. Though the Royal Indian comes with a lower power engine compared to Bajaj V, which comes with 150cc of displacement, the dugg-dugg sound of the bike can win consumer’s hearts.  Also, the Royal Indian will allow RE Bullet fans to experience what it is like to own one, who find it difficult to buy one.

It is a good attempt by Royal Udo to create an exact replica Royal Indian of Royal Enfield Bullet. However, one doesn’t have to be a major motorcycle enthusiast to be able to tell the difference.

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  • Don’t believe this article. It is fake. Royal Enfield won’t launch any 100cc bike. The shown motorcycle is just a modification.

    • Royal Enfield hasn’t launched the bike. Please read carefully, “A Bhubaneshwar-based motorcycle manufacturing startup, Royal Udo has come up with a new replica of traditional Royal Enfield Bullet.”

    • It is not available for customer sales. Will update you when you can purchase the bike. Stay Tuned to The TeCake.

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