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After gripping the country, Swine Flu doesn’t seem to stop as the death count for the H1N1 virus crosses a mark of 500 individuals. 100 deaths have been reported in past three days, and 8,423 people have contracted  the disease this year while 585 succumbed to death.

485 deaths were reported till 12 February, however, the mortality rate seems to increase exponentially with 100 deaths in three days. According to official figures, Rajasthan (165), Gujarat (144), Madhya Pradesh (76) and Maharashtra (58) are the worst hit state in the country. Whereas Punjab has the highest ratio of death to those encountered the disease with 25 deaths out of 68 infected with H1N1.

National Capital isn’t untouched either; reports have surfaced about many people getting infected by this disease, however, due to proper treatment and awareness the death toll is currently below the bar.

Most of the regions in the country don’t have sufficient equipments required to diagnose the disease, and the gigantic death toll might be many folds due to unreported cases. Moreover, many have succumbed to swine flu due to late diagnose.

To prevent such death cases, government said that they will provide free diagnose kit in worst hit states including Rajasthan and Gujarat. “The government has already placed an order for enhancing stocks of diagnostic kits — for testing of the H1N1 virus – to be supplied to the lab network under Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme. To enhance the level of preparedness, additional stocks of the drug, Oseltamivir, and 10,000 N-95 masks are also being procured,” an official statement said.

Government will also launch precautionary guidelines against the disease that emphasizes on the use of N-95 mask in the crowded place, which are favourite places for the virus to sprout.

As a precautionary measure, Aligarh Muslim University has been shut down till 25 February.

Besides killing people, H1N1 has also affected the tourism in the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat. According to ASSOCHAM, the tourism in these states has suffered a loss of more than Rs 5500 crores.

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