More than 100 crore people could become blind by 2050, warns study

More than 100 crore people could become blind by 2050, warns study

More than 100 crore people all over the globe could become blind by the end of 2050, experts warned after seeing the exponentially increasing number of myopic (Shot-sightedness) patients. The rising epidemic isn’t taken with proper care and is being ignored which might have severe consequences in future, says experts.

According to researchers, they estimate more than five billion (500 crores) of the world population to become myopic while more than one billion people will fall under high myopic category and will be at risk of becoming blind.

Currently, it is estimated that nearly two billion people in the world are myopic and the number has seen a steep incline in the past three decades. In the US itself the rate of myopia in adults has risen from 25 percent in 1970s to 42 percent in 2004.

Researchers estimated such shattering numbers after seeing the trend of myopia in school going children, especially in south Asian countries including China, hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea where nearly 80 to 90 percent of the school going kids are myopic.

Professor Kovin Naidoo from the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Australia.said that people should understand that myopia is neither curable nor reversible although there are several optical and behavioral procedures to prevent the disease from worsening and dragging a patient to fall in highly myopic category.

The only way we can protect our eyes is by taking proper prevention before the disease hits ourselves or our young generation. Naidoo said that is the responsibility of our elder people to take proper care of their eyes, also he requested parents to ensure that their kids don’t spend too much time in computer and tv but spend time outdoors at least for two hours every day.

He further added that present world is gadget dominated where children tend to spend too much time on the web, playing mobile games and watching tv which harms our eyes the most.

“We are calling on the world to protect the eye health of every child and adult and meet this major public health challenge of our time,” said Professor Kovin Naidoo. After all eyes are most precious gift from God and we should protect them.

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