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10 outrageous iPhone Apps that kicked out by Apple App Store

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Apple App Store is no doubt the authoritative Lord of the Smartphone world. It houses more than 700,000 applications which range from airplane directories to virtual Zippo lighters and has turned out to be the king of app world followed by Google Play Store. However, you will be surprised to hear that among 70, 000 apps, more than 5,000 applications have been banned or evacuated for not following the guidelines of Apple.

The App Store of Apple might be home to a large number of incredible applications; still, the Cupertino-based tech giant has never shied far from demonstrating the useless apps from its list and here is a guide to explore the top 10 applications that got kicked out of the Apple App Store. Have a look:

  1. Dogwars

Dog Wars: Battle of the Breeds Woof was a gaming app that allowed its player to feed and train their virtual dogs for fighting with other’s virtual dogs. This game is designed to encourage the players to train and fight Pit Bulls with others for establishing a grand status as the most unkind and callous player of the gaming world. However, the animal right activists couldn’t digest the theme of the game, and soon it dragged to the public court. The game heaved into several controversies and had been called malicious and depraved. What’s next? A legal charge sheet released against the owner of the game, which eventually led to the ban of the game not only from Apple App Store but also from Google Play Store.

  1. Tawkon Radiation Detector

Tawkon was a Cellphone Radiation detector application that used to be available both on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app was released for enabling users to live fitness & health focused lifestyle with free health tracker feature that notifies the users about the radiation spikes of mobile and offers sensible instruction for avoiding the radiation. In the initiate stage, the app had to wait for a long time to get approval, and when it got the approval, Apple rejected the app to integrate it in its App Store. The reason behind the ban of the app was the radiation information frightens users.

  1. Baby Shaker

Baby Shaker was an app which themed on the crying of an infant. This game allowed its users to shake their iPhone violently to stop a baby from ceaselessly crying until two red “x” marks appeared over the eyes of the crying baby. Though the theme of the app was kind of innovative, yet it won’t be able to attract many gamers. Later, Child Protection Groups appealed against the game as it used to violate the rights o infant and shared aversion and infuriated Apple for approving such wicked app in its App Store that promoted infanticide. With so many controversies and social issues, the app finally kicked out from the store by Apple and made its way into the dustbin.

  1. Obama Trampoline

The funny and harmonious game, Obama Trampoline, featured the comic-strip cartoons of around 20 Democrat and Republican politicians of the world including Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin. Moreover, the picture of Bill Clinton appeared without any trouser in the game. In the game, the players need to move iPhone take control over the direction, jumping of politicians, and for directing them to pop balloons hanging from the ceiling. But surprisingly, the game violated the guideline of Apple of posing public figures in the game. Owing to this reason, Apple has banned the distribution of the game. But the core idea behind the game was apparently for making fun of Mr. Obama and other leaders.

  1. Wikileaks

Wikileaks need no introduction as it was one of the most famous apps for Apple. The app was themed on hacking the secret data of Government which later became a big issue for Apple. WikiLeaks has come under powerful criticism for its dirty work of hacking system and stealing information from government offices including the email id of Hillary Clinton, DNC’s email id. Apart from these personalities, organizations like AKP, IMF, EU military, other international politics details and much more had been subjecting to the leak of this app, and eventually, it dragged into severe denigration by everyone. And finally, Apple debarred Wikileaks from App Store for leaking confidential government credentials.

  1. Relapse

Relapse was one of the albums of Eminem launched in 2009. With the release of his album, Eminem had planned to introduce this iPhone app to correspond his album Relapse. AS per the source, this app themed on one of his music video “3 A.M.” and concerned the contentious rapper walking the roads in the early morning and going on the homicidal storm with a number of weapons. As the game has the potentiality to bring criticism and backlash, Apple banned the app before its launch in Apple App Store.

  1. I Am Rich

I Am Rich was an unforgettable app of Apple App Store. The App I Am Rich actually does nothing, but used to charge $1,000 from each player. After, payment, the function-less app presented a red diamond in the backdrop and the grasp phrase “I Am Rich.” That’s it. The app was completely useless and designed to burgle the players. And after finding the uselessness of the game, Apple removed it from its App Store without any clarification. Before the ban, only eight players had downloaded the game, and this eventually had made the developers $8,000 richer.

  1. My Shoe

‘My Shoe’ is another application that has been banned by Apple. This app was developed by a Pakistani App developer who genuinely inspired by the shoe-throwing incident on George W. Bush, and this muse led him to create ‘My Shoe’ app that allowed players to throw an array of footwear at George Bush, the former president of America. However, showing deep respect and sympathy for Bush, Apple removed the app from its App Store. This app in its initiated time had created lots of issues for Apple for approving the game themed on a public figure.

  1. PinPointsX

PinPointsX was one of the most outrageous and vulgar apps found in Apple App Store. The game was mainly designed for the Craigslist crowd. The game was based on an offensive theme that used to post sex ads on a GPS-enabled platform and allowed the users to trace and network with new erotic partners of other locations. Soon after the app had turned out to be a sensation and after realizing the fact that there was no further way of tracing the IP address of erotic users along with the issues of sex trafficking, Apple kicked out the app from its Store by taking a note on the ambiguities.

  1. Beauty Meter

Beauty apps are pretty standard for everyone. Such apps are used for restoring the natural look of a person in pictures while adding new features and effects. But Beauty Meter was an application that allowed users to rate the body, face, clothes and other sensitive parts of the body on uploaded photos. But later the app upgraded and started demonstrating a fully naked 15-year-old girl on its screen and after seeing this, Apple finally said no to the app and forbidden it from its app store. Further, the app was renamed as Pedophile Meter.

Concluding, the report says that approximately 5, 000 apps have prescribed by Apple from its App Store. However, these ten applications were highly maligned and considered to be the most contemptible and controversial apps presented in Apple App Store. However, these ten apps with so many controversies and criticism are ranked on top positions of the list.

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