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Sidd Bikkannavar

US-born Muslim scientist at NASA detained at the border until he unlocked pin-protected phone

In a shocking event, a Muslim employee of NASA who went abroad on a personal trip was detained from entering the US until he unlocked the pin of his phone and allowed officials to copy the...

Antarctica in danger due to its drastic climate change

Lot of countries have made Antarctica their base for scientific research since 1959. Drastic change in Antarctica's climate is causing the research centres to rethink about their base location. Various countries maintain their bases for...
China building world's highest altitude gravitational waves observatory in Tibet (Representational Pic)

China to invest USD 18.8m World’s Highest-Altitude Telescope to Study Gravitational Waves

As the clock struck New Year, China made an impressive proclamation about its space exploration programs for the next five-year which also includes the introduction of world’s highest altitude telescopes for monitoring and studying...

Solar Storm melts soil on Moon, produces Spark: See Image

Recent studies conducted by NASA have found out that Solar storms approaching toward Moon is about to spark the soil on Moon's poles. According to the scientists, such powerful solar storms can allege up the...

China is setting up World’s highest altitude telescope in Tibet: Report

This New Year, China has also put forward its statement to launch 30 new satellites and break the world record. In context to that, recently China has shared its plans to set up the...
venki ramakrishnan

Scientist Venki says awards are milestones for them, just not a prize

Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, popularly known as Venki said to media that scientists should not work for awards. Awards must be a milestone for more achievements in the case of scientists. In the award ceremony of the...

MIT researchers developed Graphene, a porous material but lighter than steel

In a very popular study published in the journal of Science Advances, Researcher Markus Buehler, and his fellow colleagues showed public, how fusing and compressing Graphene flakes can give birth to the new material. He...
spider silk

Scientists discovered spider silk that can be used to extract regenerative medicine

Recently scientists have discovered a spider silk which can be fruitfully used to extract regenerative medicines, infused with antibiotics and heals wounds. Scientists and researches came up with a new click in hand to show...

Shall scientists communicate with public about their discoveries?

Before the sudden twitter fight between scientist Gautam R. Desiraju and a science communicator, no one really thought about the topic in this way. However, with the populace of this social media fight, communication...
Like biologists, Mathematics is off-putting for physicists too: Study Reveals

Like biologists, Mathematics is off-putting for physicists too: Study Reveals

Mathematics is the subject that most people find objectionable and the physicists are also no exceptional. We all know, physics without the idea of advanced mathematics is simply impossible. But a recently conducted study...
World's richest one-tenth population produces half CO2: Oxfam

Can CO2 turned back into fuel? Read this to know

Emitting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels has lead to huge ripple effects to the extent of warming the globe and melting glaciers. One cannot deny that fact that it is...
Lab-grown 'mini human brains' to fight Parkinson's

Lab-grown ‘mini human brains’ to develop treatment for Parkinson’s disease

Medical advancements have become tremendous and enormous and this is a first time where scientists have grown mini brains in the laboratories which help in treating and conducting studies relating to parkinson’s disease and...
Artificial leaves that will generate fuel from CO2

This artificial leaf converts CO2 into fuel

Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have succeeded in developing ‘artificial leaves’ that actually works like natural leaves, it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere but instead of converting it into oxygen,...
Under Water Gliders

Scientists to launch underwater robotic vehicles to forecast Monsoon

Reports coming from Bengaluru revealed that underwater robotic vehicles, called gliders will be launched by British scientists in the Bay of Bengal (BoB). A senior government official said that the researchers will later monitor them...
dinosaur killing asteroid

Scientists solves mystery behind how deep sea creatures survived Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

The mystery behind how deep sea creatures managed to survive the catastrophic asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, has now revealed. Scientists suggested that that some forms of algae and...

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