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Google doodle welcomes new year

Google Welcomes New Year 2017 with its Doodle

The new year is already here with new hopes and new spirits. Last year, 2016, has already taken off and the new year has begun. For some, the leap year was wonderful, while for...
Google Doodle

Google accolades RIO Olympics 2016 with Doodle fruit game

With the commencing RIO Olympics from this week, Google developed a new Doodle page, which includes a rousing game for both iOS and Android users. Google with its partner Doodle never forgets to honor precious...
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Google devotes its Doodle page to legendary singer Mukesh on his 93rd birthday

Google never forget to give honor to those who actually deserve it and this time, Goggle again touched the hearts of million Indians by paying its homepage to tribute the birth anniversary of the...
google doodle claud shannon

Google celebrates birthday of Claude Shannon, the man who coined term ‘Bit’

Google is celebrating 100th birthday of the man known as the "father of information" with a lively Doodle. Claude Shannon that man who invented basic building blocks of digital communication has been shown juggling three...
The famed BSF camel contingent

The famed BSF camel contingent, Google’s new doodle on Republic Day

Google celebrated India’s 67th Republic Day through its doodle today. Google’s doodle showed a contingent of Border Security Force (BSF) marching on richly decorated camels. The camel contingent is a major force of attraction...

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