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New Artificial Intelligence robots to mimic human cognition

A team of artificial intelligence researchers from Northwestern University have built a robot on CogSketch model that will mimic the understanding level of common human beings. This computational model of analogy is based on...
Nokia C1 camera

Nokia’s ‘Viki’ Virtual Assistant to Beat Siri, Cortana and Google Assistant in Coming Days

The future of smartphones seems to be completely dominated by Digital Assistance technology. While the global smartphone market is already overwhelmed by the virtual assistant features like Apple’s Siri, Google’s Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa...

Japan to invest in making world’s first-known fastest supercomputer

Japan, being the world's top country in technology, has now planned to invest in making first-known fastest supercomputer. The country is targeting to enhance the driverless cars, robotics and medical diagnostics and for the...
Now artificial machines would brook scary nightmares with AI technology

Now artificial machines would brook scary nightmares with AI technology

We have come a long way in exploiting advanced technologies, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the state-of-the-art technologies used for moving and manipulating objects. Now, researchers using this Artificial Intelligence Technology developed...

How Far is Artificial Intelligence to Replace the Court?

Through a new recognition for judges in decision making, rapid growth is seen with verge pretext over artificial intelligence in law. As per the research statement, effective conduction process has led to the suggestion...
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Aquisitition: Apple buys Gliimpse; Microsoft purchases Genee

The trend of acquiring startups by giants established in the market is continuing, with Microsoft acquiring Silicon Valley-based artificial-intelligence-powered scheduling service, Genee; and Apple closing the deal with personal health data startup Gliimpse. Apple Inc. has taken...
Microsoft office 365

AI-based application Genee purchased by Microsoft to improve Office 365

Microsoft, the leading tech giant, has taken a step frontward to boost up its productivity, by obtaining AI-based scheduling service Genee which works for simplifying the development and rearrangement of large group meetings for...
Apple loop trade in program for other brands Watch sale with prior reservation tecake

Apple invests worth $200 Million in AI called ‘Turi’

The world of Smartphone is transforming each day with high-end technology and innovations, and presently the world is dominated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the race of Artificial Intelligence warms up gradually, the leading...

Google’s Artificial Intelligence head Amit Singhal to retire this month

In a shocking news, Amit Singhal, chief of Google internet search business bid adieu to the company. According to Alphabet Inc, Google parent company John Giannandrea, the vice president of engineering will replace Singhal. Amit...

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