jordanian pilot burnt alive tecake

ISIS captured hostages some time back and were asking for ransom and freedom of their fellow militants. When their demands were not met, they first killed Kenji Goto and now burned alive the Jordanian fighter pilot.

In response to which Jordan government didn’t succumb to them but executed two of al-Qaida prisoners by hanging them. These were those ISIS militants whose freedom had been demanded by the ISIS along with 200 million dollars. The two prisoners included one female suicide bomber from al-Qaida, Sajida al-Rishawi and another member, al-Karbouli.

The Jordanian government was ready to make the swap if any proof of the Pilot being alive was presented before them, but since ISIS gave no such thing, they decided to cancel the swap. In response to this ISIS released a barbaric video showing the burning of the Pilot. It is also alleged that the video was made a month ago, which puts in doubt to whether there are any hostages left or not.

The father of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, who was burnt alive by ISIS, pleaded the government to avenge his son’s murder.

The father is devastated at losing his 26-year-old son to terrorists, and he wants them all to pay. He said that it was a cruel and inhumane way to kill anyone. Burning alive is considered the world’s most painful experience and the poor pilot lost his life through that.

Outraged people set out on roads to put demonstrations and carry out rallies against the ISIS militants. But it’s unclear whether ISIS is in any way bothered by this. According to Rami Khouri, a Middle East analyst based in Beirut ISIS doesn’t really care about such things and only concerned with carrying out their barbaric deed.

Jordanian King Abdullah II and President Barack Obama have arranged a White House meeting in which they have decided not to let the terrorism extremists to win for this will only lead to bringing up more terrorists.

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