Microsoft Windows 10 TeCake

Achieving another milestone in Windows 10 launch, the Redmond Giant has launched a new software-development kit (SDK) preview that matches up with preview build 10158, which came out yesterday.

“When running the latest preview SDK and emulator in your local development environment, your apps will be able to access the latest Windows capabilities and APIs available in the preview build,” Microsoft program manager Clint Rutkas wrote in a blog post on the news today. “Each preview SDK release installs side by side of the official Windows 10 tooling for Visual Studio 2015.”

Yesterday, Microsoft has released a new Windows 10 preview for PCs. The build includes Microsoft Edge branding, general UX refinements, and updates to Cortana. Microsoft Edge is a re-branding of the Project Spartan.

In addition, Microsoft yesterday reported that the firm will roll out the Visual Studio 2015 on July 20. Later on July 29, Microsoft will officially release Windows 10.

Today’s new SDK preview comes with new application programming interfaces (APIs). One allows hardware makers to expose camera metadata for computer vision into universal Windows platform applications.

Others can permit applications to make high-definition resolution (HDR) images. Devices that don’t natively support HDR but do support variable photo sequence (VPS) can tap a special algorithm to make HDR images.

Developers can simply download the new SDK preview then updating Visual Studio Release Candidate and start using it, Rutkas wrote.

Changes between Project Spartan and Microsoft Edge include:
  • An option to add a Home button (Settings => Advanced Settings => turn on “Show the home button”).
  • The ability to import favorites/bookmarks from other browsers into Microsoft Edge.
  • New options for changing what you see when you first start Microsoft Edge.
  • Customizations for the New Tab page (you can choose to either see top sites and suggested content, or just top sites).
  • Password and form-fill support, letting you manage your passwords for your favorite websites.
  • Audio from Microsoft Edge plays while the app is minimized or in the background.
  • Ability to drag and drop tabs to a new window.
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