On Tuesday, it was reported by Re/Code that Twitter will launch a product through which users would be allowed to write tweets beyond the limit of 140-character. As per the report, the proposed limit is 10,000 which is offered in the ‘Direct Messages’ feature. The report also added its plans of introducing the product having the code name ‘Beyond 140’ by the end of Q1.

If it is implemented, it might deviate from the core product of Twitter. Currently, a version of the product is being tested by twitter in which tweets are seen appearing in the way they are doing now, just displaying 140 characters. When you click on the tweets, they would expand and more content would be revealed. In simple words, it is no less than a Read More Button.This will mean a lot of Twitter is giving effective responses to recent trends of user adoption since last 2 years, which includes use of highlights and screenshots.

Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter explained that a lot of time is spent observing what people do on twitter. Sometimes, people also take screenshots and Tweets and Text. Beyond 140 might potentially address the user engagement of Twitter. The users will get a much-desired option to read a story within the app of Twitter instead of clicking on previews or links. With this enhanced limit of characters, the reading experience of Twitter would not be interrupted.

It is similar to the ‘Instant Articles’ feature of Facebook, in which articles are pre-loaded inside special pages of Facebook app. It helps this social media platform in retaining users to let them read articles within the application. This means that Twitter is a content hosting platform and it would be a monetized one. This has been important for Twitter since it has been quite slow in introduction of changes and lags behind Instagram and Facebook.

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