Astronaut Scot Kelly tweeted photo of UFO from space? UFO Sightings Daily thinks so

Alien Hunters UFO Sightings Daily which posts videos and photos of UFO findings has thanked the US Astronaut Scott Kelly for giving a clue on UFO in the image of South India tweeted by the man who has spent the highest number of days in space. UFO Sightings Daily believes that Kelly aboard Internation Space Station (ISS) has had several encounters with UFO as these mysterious flying objects constantly linger around the ISS. According to the alien hunters, Kelly has known about the alien life since very long and now he has given hint with the Indian image.

The claim came after Kelly tweeted the photo of the Indian Southern Coast captured from ISS at night. In the same photo, UFO Sightings claim that UFO has also been shooted which is present in the top right corner. The claim seems to be very authentic as one can clearly see a large object with two lights on each end in the upper right part of the photo.

Youtube Sonofmabarker also uploaded a video titled ‘Astronaut Kelly tweets photo of UFO from ISS’ in which zoomed version of the image in slow motion is played and people can clearly see two bright spots. In addition, the narrator says that it is very hard to believe that an astronaut like Scot Kelly wouldn’t have noticed such bright spots in the image as he didn’t utter a word about it in the tweet which said “Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace.”

UFO Sightings further said that Kelly was once about to reveal the reality of the existence of aliens to the world without directly saying anything but somehow he didn’t.

Similar to previous times including when Gautam Buddha statue, goblin face and Drone was found on the Mars, NASA is still quite on the claim and haven’t uttered a word on the UFO yet.

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  • kiritvora

    The multidimensional and all directional holographic patterns of what exists and what not exits in the universe itself clearly shows all potentialities and opportunities of identical phenomenon with slight variation manifests; if any point of the hologram is focused upon and enlarged and again, if any point on the focus-enlarged one will find identical pattern only. It means that there has to be intelligent beings in the universe who could be at different level of civilizations. That means there are all possibilities of civilization everywhere in the entire universe/universes/ multiverses. Its a God’s play with all intelligence, consciousness, truth and true ego pervading all around and we are not alone but there have to millions and trillions of civilization of different kinds living being in different forms with faculties of we humanbeings.

    • Pranav

      God’s play with intelligence? Science proves there is no such thing.

      • indian

        ha ha…science proves what? science does’nt even know what is an atom as a whole… i am not belittling science but there are million question which science has no clue about how to approach…. though what was said in yogic science 15000 years back modern neurology,quantum physics, metaphysics are beginning to say those same things if you look you will see

        • Pranav

          Let me put it this way – there is no proof either scientific or ayurvedic(whatever is the science of yogics 15k years back).

          • kiritvora

            It is not the perception of science or what is said in scriptures but is an an aggregation of common sense and human experiences gathered right from the emergence of the humanity. Thousand and million and trillion … end numbers of common sense has conceived and perceived the ideas which have been reflected and been discriminated. Every body is right and every body is wrong. What is truth ? all that exists and all that do not exists. There is no need of proof. Believe or don’t believe has been the reflexes of humanbeings.

          • indian

            oh really…the point is not whether it is 15000 or 12000 or 8000 years old… but the point is whatever has been said that time (in ancient texts), today modern science(metaphysics, neurophysics,quantum physics etc) is proving everything…and there are plenty of examples for that….. now that the west is proving it obviously the rest of the world will accept it….

          • indian

            No no.. the point is not weather yogic science is 15000 or 10000 or 5000 years old… the point is whatever was said that time(in ancient texts) modern science is proving that…. if you want scientific proof…enough proof exist today …. one small example out of many which i know (what i know might not be even 0.0001% of what actually is out there) is “HAWAN”.. after enough scientific research it has been proven that after hawan
            1.) the environment becomes very much PURE bacteria free (bricks,mud,air etc)
            2.) the speed of growth of some plants increases 200 times
            3.) tonnes of fresh oxygen is produced(if you perform it right way and right ingredients)

            now if somebody “thinks” hawan is a religious ritual to make god happy whose fault it is ?

            about ayurveda — Turmeric which is called golden herb.. sorry but the USA has patented “turmeric” (sounds like a joke but true), same they are trying with “neem” …. because they know what is being said in ayurveda is not joke… only advantage they have is indian people dont trust their own science instead look west… only we will lose this way…

  • Mayapur Voice

    It is time people stop calling ancient Indian books like Mahabharat and Ramayana mythology and look into the events mentioned in their. Intelligence beings in the universe apart from on the earth is not a new thing for those who know Indian scriptures. Srimad Bhagavatam gives a terrifically accurate account of universal structure and the cycle of its creation and eventual destruction, again creation, maintenance, destruction…Read and leran this amazing science.

    • ironhide

      ramayana, mahabharat are true events. but seeing them as god’s. nahh.. yes, when people do good, we are grateful for it. when we help a person whom noone ever cared about, they call us as godly creature. even actors/politicians these days are being called as fuck*in gods..Similar things for ramayan,mahabharat ,the person who recorded those events would’ve felt grateful for them..important thing to ask is, who added these two books into hindu religion,? cuz, it doesnt make any sense…it’s a non religious book

      • Roushan

        We all do this. Hindu has RAM, Muslim has paigambar, Christ has Jesus. We all have sm1. So, don’t argue on this.

        • ironhide

          well, mr.knowItAll, may be you are right with hindu,muslim,, but the story of christianity is quite different, it doesnt start with jesus

        • ironhide

          you keep including humans as gods into the hindu religion and number of gods in hindu religion crossed crores now (i hear swamies in temple saying that), but nooo, hinduism is going in the right way.

  • Kathirvel

    In Bhagavad Purana – in one of the chapter Narada explains about Alien planet where humans do live. He also gives clues about the directions. Why Indians do not research – directions mentioned? He says planet name as Lilabumi

    • faku analayser

      why don’t you research (waste time) ?

      • Kathirvel

        Interested. But I do not know where and whom should I contact. Do you have any idea ?

        • Pranav

          Contact RSS. Bhagwatji will order fekuji to make this as top agenda.

        • faku analayser

          start with your local pundit he will give you directions

    • what the hell

      Hinduism, intolerence, saffonisation blah bhah ….how dare you say something which smells of Hinduism. Cannot say these things out loudly.

  • ironhide

    remove ramayana and mahabharat from hindu religion..those are not religious books but real human events.. its like including high profile actor (ramayan,mahabharat..etc) to promote a product(hindu religion) for better sales. we consider people sstronger than us as powerful humans, in the area were people are very weak , the strong men will be considered as gods

  • vinayak kadolkar

    its a reflection on glass of light from inside

  • Craig Vander Galien

    Here’s the part of the space station photographed by Scott: