rare clouds on saturn

On 3rd January 2017, NASA reported the appearance of rare clouds in the Northern hemisphere. These clouds are floating high above the hydrocarbon lakes in the Northern latitude.

This rare cloud disappeared from the north and latitude of Titans several years ago. But they have appeared again. However, their number is smaller than expected. The Proper study of these clouds has not been possible yet since clouds appear and disappear quickly. The scientists of Cassini are regularly monitoring the large would in order to observe the activities of these rare clouds.

Titan is the largest moon of planet Saturn and has a very dense atmosphere. Hence disappearance of this real cloud from Titans atmosphere was shocking to the scientist. However, the reappearance of these clouds has provoked the scientists to conduct a study to find out their fundamental characteristics. The Titan is located on the north of Saturn.

Scientists are presuming that the appearance and disappearance of these clouds are affecting Saturn’s seasons. Saturn has a dense atmosphere. The rare clouds, which disappeared once, have appeared again. But they are less in number. This can create a great change in Saturn’s atmosphere.

The Cassini Mission is a cooperative mission of NASA, with the Italian space agency. High MP cameras are installed in Cassini satellite. The satellite is revolving around the Planet Saturn to dig up more information regarding these rare clouds. However, no further information is received so far. Ever since, the discovery of Saturn’s dense atmosphere and liquid atmosphere, the scientists are continuously trying to figure out new terrestrial lives on Saturn. The Cassini mission aims to find out more information about Saturn’s atmosphere. And again with the reappearance of these rare clouds, scientists are trying to figure out the fundamental details regarding them, before they disappear again.