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If we do not curb the rate at which plants are getting destroyed then Earth will become unsustainable for humans to live and entire race might go extinct, warns a news study. According to the study authors, Earth can be considered as a battery which has been charged over a long period of time slowly and now we humans are draining the juice stored in plants and fossil fuels very rapidly. In fact, we are draining the energy at a much faster rate than it could be replenished and soon earth will become a barren land if trend is continued, said Lead author John Schramski, associate professor in University of Georgia’s College of Engineering.

Once Earth was a barren land but something magical happened and lifeforms evolved over a course of billion years and organisms learned the ability to convert sunlight into energy. This was the turning point in the Earth’s history. Researchers believe that this ability led to an explosion plant and animal life that bathed the planet with lush forests and extraordinarily diverse ecosystems

Schramski explained that chemical energy is stored in plants but humans have been converting forests into concrete forests for their mean purposes. This has resulted in degradation of forests. He further added that the Earth contained approximately 1,000 billion tonnes of carbon in living biomass 2,000 years ago, but with extensive use humans have gobbled up nearly half the amount. Researchers estimated that nearly 10 percent of that biomass was consumed in last century.

It seems humans are in a hurry to degrade all the available resources and in the process they have forgotten to take necessary steps to replenish the resources. “If we don’t reverse this trend, we’ll eventually reach a point where the biomass battery discharges to a level at which Earth can no longer sustain us,” Schramski said.

Moreover, plants also play a major role in keeping a check at carbon dioxide levels (major greenhouse gas) that contributes to global warming. Since global warming has become one of the biggest problem for the world, this gives another reason to reinstall forests to save Earth, hence human civilization.

The research appeared in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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