Archaeologists unearth human skeleton of Iron Age in Odisha

In a new findings, archaeologists have unearthed a human skeleton reportedly dating back to Iron Age. The skeleton was discovered while digging 10 metres deep at Talagada village at Khuntuni in Cuttack district, Odisha on Wednesday.

Team lead Umakanta Mishra, assistant professor of the Ravenshaw University’s history department,  along with his team was exploring the site since past one year. Finally, all the hard work paid off and along with human skeleton they also found an axe and artifacts.

Initial investigation suggests that skeleton belongs to the Iron Age. However, for deep understanding of the unearthed objects, skeleton biologists Veena Mushrif of Deccan College, Pune, will examine the skeleton and other artifacts.

“Mushrif is an expert in the subject. Hence, we invited her to examine the skeleton and unravel the mystery behind it,” said Mishra. “Her inspection we help us get clear picture about the age and gender of the skeleton and to which period it belongs to,” he added.

On what gave the idea of skeleton being buried deep down the ground,  Mishra said that the site has few signs of Chalcolithic and Neolithic age which gave them clue about the skeleton. To conduct research, Mishra and team applied for permission to ASI and after getting approval they started excavating the site.

Moreover, the unearthed skeleton will give new insight into Iron Age and will give a better idea how humans evolved through the time.

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