Sri Lanka Navy forces arrested 86 Indian fisherman for poaching in country’s water, on Friday. The ten boats in which these fishermen were fishing also seized by the Navy officials.

Naval spokesman Commander Indika Silva said that they arrested the fishermen in Sri Lankan waters on Thursday night on the eastern coast of Mulaithivu. The Indian fishermen will now be handed over to the police of Trincomalee port city.

Sri Lankan fisheries said that the talks between India and Sri Lanka have been postponed which was previously scheduled on 5 March on the fishermen issue.

Sri Lankan fishermen accused that they get very little fishes to hunt resulting in a significant loss to their earnings, thus affecting their already miserable life. Lankan fisherman said that the attacks of Indians is at an all time high after the advent of the new government in Sri Lanka.

Indian government is asking for submitting the Indian fishermen back to India, and the country is ready to assure Lanka that proper punishment will be given to the culprits.

“The assault and arrest of our fishermen is regretful. The Centre should prevail upon Lanka to release them immediately and warn Sri Lanka that bilateral ties will be affected if such arrests continue,” PMK founder-leader Dr S Ramadoss said in a statement today.

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