A massive earthquake of 7.5 magnitude hitted Nepal yesterday, leaving over 1850 dead and more than 4700 injured till date. The highest intensity of earthquake, 7.9 was felt near Kathmandu.  In New Delhi the intensity got reduced to 2.3 on Richter scale. Though there was almost no destruction in and near the capital. However, parts of India and the whole of Nepal, specially Kathmandu was badly destroyed.

It was actually a series of earthquakes according to reports, there were almost 7 quakes reported, the last one being reported at 8:55 AM in Nepal today.

17 were also buried alive by an avalanche on Mount Everest, that got triggered by the quake. According to report the avalanche buried the base camps with people alive in it.

India is also helping Nepal in this rescue operation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi called an emergency meeting of high-level officers to help the country. Modi also directed immediate search and rescue operation, he send these rescue teams to Nepal and affected parts of India.

The rescue operation team has reached Everest to save the people stuck out there. India also sent five MI17 helicopters to help in the search operation in the Everest to rescue the avalanche victims. And four Indian Air Force’s aircraft has also ben sent to rescue Indians only and have rescued 540 stranded Indians till now. India also started almost 10 flights a day to bring back Indians from Nepal. Indian Army has named the ‘operation Matri’

A National emergency has been declared in Nepal and people are advised not to stay in their home and come in open as more quakes are about to hit the country.

Facebook has also tried to help in the matter by starting a new program in which everyone in the affected zones are asked if they are safe or not, and the information will be shared with their friends and family members.

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