Kozhikode International Airport TeCake

A clash between the Airport authority of India staff and CISF ended with the killing of a CISF jawan at Kozhikode International Airport on Wednesday.

Agitated by the clash, CISF guards disrupted the port and runway, which created problems in flight operations. The Kozhikode airport was temporarily shut down and all the flights were diverted to Kochi.

The killed CISF jawan has been identified as S. S. Yadav (52) who was a native of Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, the other people who were injured in the petty clash include CISF inspector Seethram Chaudhary, AAI supervisor AJi Kumar and AAI superintendent Sunny Thomas.

When the altercation developed Chaudhari and Yadav were at the gate duty. They got into a discussion with AAI staff ji Kumar over frisking at 10:30 p.m.

Kumar objected to it, but Chaudhari said that it is compulsory to frisk anyone who enters the air area of the airport.

When the altercation intensified, Thomas rushed to the scene and snatched the gun from Chaudhari as latter threatened to fire and shot at his hand.

In an attempt to rescue Chaudhari, Yadav sustained a gunshot at his forehead and he died on-the-spot, as the bullet pierced his head.

Thomas has been admitted to a private hospital, stated that the clash was started by CISF people and that he was tortured by the CISF men when he attempted to save Aji Kumar.

However, the person who shot Yadav will be identified only after the CCTV footage is being checked.

When the clash happened, it was the time for CISF shift change and therefore a lot of CISF personnel were present. After knowing about the incident, they seized the area and chased away AAI staff.

Meanwhile, discussion with CISF and AAI was held with DGP. The Chief Minister, Oommen Chandy said that the present immediate concern should be to resume the service to remove the hardships of passengers.

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