Manjhi Nitish TeCake

Jitan Ram Manjhi has been desperately fighting for his position as the CM of Bihar, whereas Nitish Kumar has been keen on getting him to resign because he believed his government to be corrupt whereas Manjhi has called Nitish power hungry for asking for the post.

Both have been fighting over the matter for quite some time which caused Bihar’s politics to go under a crisis. Assembly Speaker Uday Narayan Chaudhary on Thursday gave JD(U) leader Vijay Chaudhary the status of the leader of the opposition that was anticipated to be BJP’s Nand Kishore Yadav. This followed CM Jitan Ram Manjhi being expelled by party President Sharad Yadav on grounds of being a detached member of Legislative Assembly.

The opposition being JD(U) has created a very obscure scene as the opposition party and the ruling party are one and the same. This has raised many questions, and Assembly Speaker Uday Narayan has been on the target of BJP to have made a biased decision.

BJP has sat on a Dharna in front of Narayan’s office, saying that his decision to make JD(U) as the opposition party and removing Nand Kishore Yadav seems to be unfair and that he has sold his soul to the devil (JDU).

As far as the buying and selling goes, Manjhi has also been accused of buying MLAs to support his cause tomorrow in the house for protecting his Chief Minister post. BJP has also openly stated that they will be backing Manjhi up.

There is nothing that has been left sacred by these politicians in Bihar. The political crisis is ever increasing with no one knowing when and how this will end. If Manjhi wins, JDU will go into full throttle for accusations of buying his seat because Nitish Kumar is hell bent on getting him removed, whereas if Nitish wins the allegations will be formed that he is doing all this for power and not people.

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