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More than ten people, including four militants and three army officials were killed in an Indo-Pak gun battle in the Kashmir territory. The clash started when the armed militants, dressed in military colors abandoned an Indian army bunker in the Jammu region of IOK (India Occupied Kashmir).

According to sources, at least three civilians were also killed during the firing. Army tried to save the civilians and took the injured people to the nearby hospital.

The Thursday’s fighting took place near an Indian army base in the Arnia town; deadly firing between India and Pakistan took place in this town in September also.

The attack took place just before the day Narendra Modi was to visit Jammu and Kashmir for his scheduled poll rallies in Udhampur and Poonch districts. The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan also exchanged greetings at the SAARC Summit in Kathmandu, Nepal.

According to sources of Indian Army, the armed militants infiltrated on Wednesday night, and local people saw them in the Pindi Kalan village and then they informed the local Border Security Force personnel.

An Army official told all the six militants entered a house where they captured some civilians as hostage, and then subsequently entered an abandoned army bunker and opened gun fire on the army officials. On the other hand, other army official said that the militants were four in number and were divided in two groups. Before getting in the army camp they shot dead three civilians, he said.

Pakistan and India have been fighting over years for Kashmir and have had two wars over there.

The battle here has also affected the regional trade summit that the countries have been attending in Nepal as the frequent battles have shadowed the chances of any attempt of striking a deal.

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