Want to quit alcohol? Get Married!

Marriage can help in cutting alcohol abuse. A new study has found that people tend to reduce alcohol consumption significantly after marriage, this is also true for people with severe drinking problems in fact the results are more pronounced among heavy drinkers. While previous studies have said that young adults should curb their habit of drinking alcohol before getting married as it might hamper the happy after married life which can even result into divorce, however, this new study has different perspective and has come up with a new theory.

Researcher Matthew Lee from the University of Missouri said that marriage has severe effect on drinking habit and the result is more profound among the heavy drinkers before getting married. Lee explained that this happens in order to adapt to demands of married life and people with most severe drinking problem show most dramatic changes. Lee described it as the “role incompatibility theory” and said that behavioral change is one of the best way to resolve incompatibility in new married life among husband and wife.

The research was based on already existing long-term study led by Laurie Chassin, Regents Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology at Arizona State University in US. The study authors found that parents of nearly 50 percent of the participants were alcoholic. Researchers used several growth models including longitudinal growth model to set up a graph and observed the curved shaped trajectory. They found that the alcohol consumption decreased with the age i.e. people drank less as they grew older.

“We believe that greater problem drinking likely conflicts more with the demands of roles like marriage,” says Lee. “Thus, more severe problem drinkers are likely required to more substantially alter their drinking habits to adapt to the marital role.”

Although the study has given a new insight into behavioural changes with alcohol abuse, however, more studies are needed to confirm the findings.

The study was published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

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