IVF can trim down birth deficiency in middle-aged woman: Study

Infertility is one of the major issues found among moderately aged ladies. With the growing age, the inefficiency of producing a baby found in most women that mostly arise because of certain hormonal lopsided characteristics and physical differences. Despite the fact that reports have expressed barrenness is discovered significantly in men accomplices, the female side even is observed to be equally responsible. As indicated by various statistics, 7 out of 10 couples have problems in conceiving baby. But thanks to the advancement of reproductive technology which has made the infertile couple easily get a baby through assisted reproduction techniques.

A recently conducted study has found that Babies destined to middle-aged women of 40 and above with the help of assisted reproduction technologies probably going to have fewer congenital disabilities in comparison to those who conceive the babies naturally at the same age. It means the women who born children at the age of 40 and above with multiplication birth technology are likely to face less delivery issue than the naturally expectant mothers. This hypothesis is converse to the great belief that more severe risks of birth imperfections after assisted birth is due to the regular use of these services by aged ladies.

As said by the lead author of the study, Michael Davies, Professor at Robinson Research Institute, University of Adelaide in Australia, there is something notable found in the women of the age of 40 and over who has taken the help of assisted reproduction for conceiving babies, which the naturally expecting women of the same age lacks. Taking the statement further, he said that, the ladies who adopted IVF (In Vitro Fertility) technology to conceive baby are found with fewer congenital disabilities in comparison to the normal pregnant women.

The research also stated that the risks of congenital disabilities are more likely to be found among younger women who are expecting their babies through a natural process. The investigators suppose this could direct to the existence of more positive points in IVF (in vitro fertilization) concerning the pregnancies in middle-aged and older women. IVF technology seems to have more optimistic points to biological processing for birth among older women, as said by the researchers.

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