Eating over three rashers of bacon daily ups cardiovascular, diabetes and cancer risk

In a new study, researchers have warned that consuming over three rashers of bacon triggers risk of cardiovascular diseases by a quarter. Researchers collected data of past five decades and found that eating more than 50 gram of processed meat a day could increase the risk of dying from heart disease by 24 percent.

It not only adversely affects heart but it also triggers diabetes risk by 32 percent and ups cancer risk by 8 percent. Diabetes is a root of several diseases and it initiates the risk of several other diseases, thus, eating processed meat in large quantities over a long period of time makes you prone diseases leading to early death.

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, predicted the harmful effects of red meat and processed meat but they had no direct evidence to prove. So, researchers studied the dangers of eating red meat such as beef, veal, pork, lamb and mutton and processed varieties such as ham, sausages, bacon, frankfurters and salami.

After studying, study authors concluded that consuming over 100 grams of unprocessed meat a day ups the risk of advanced prostate cancer and bowel cancer by 19 percent and 17 percent respectively while death from heart disease by 15 percent and breast cancer by 11 percent.
While explaining, researchers said that it may be due to the cooking of meat at high temperatures. As high temperatures, several chemicals like heterocyclic amines are produced which are harmful and triggers cancer risk.
Professor Alicja Wolk, who led the study, said, “During recent decades, consumption of red meat has been increasing globally, especially in developing countries,” adding, “At the same time, there has been growing evidence that high consumption of red meat, especially of processed meat, may be associated with an increased risk of several major chronic diseases.”

“Overall it’s plausible to conclude – taking into account the available scientific evidence – that high consumption of red meat and especially processed meat is associated with the increased risk of several major chronic diseases and preterm mortality,” Wolk further said.
Study authors blame increased red meat consumption in developing countries behind overall global red meat consumption by 5-6 percent.
Moreover, World Health Organisation (WHO) report present in October last year said that processed meat ups cancer risk and another study has supported the previous find.
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