Beware, teasing to lose weight can lead to early death!

Are you victim of weight discrimination or get teased by everyone to lose weight? If yes, then get ready to die early as a new study suggests that overweight people are at risk of dying early not because of the adverse effect of obesity but due to weight discrimination they face entire life. According to researchers, weight discrimination and teasing a person to lose weight has a negative effect over health which shortens life.

The research confirmed previous findings that linked weight discrimination with negative effect on health. For the study, researchers examined data of more than 18,000 people that were involved in previous studies and compared the data. After analysing the data, researchers found that people who experienced weight discrimination had a 60 percent greater chance of dying early when compared to their normal weight counterparts.

The risk of dying early stands for both —  overweight and underweight people as they both face weight discrimination. “Independent of what their BMI (body mass index) actually is, weight discrimination is associated with increased risk of mortality,” said one of the researchers of the new study Angelina Sutin assistant professor of behavioural sciences and social medicine at Florida State University College of Medicine in the US. She further added that although the previous studies suggested that weight discrimination affects health adversely, but it is the first time that any study has found an interlink between teasing to lose weight and risk of dying early.

While explaining Sutin said that mental health is very important for healthy life and when we tease someone to lose weight or gain weight, we put psychological pressure on mind which causes premature mortality. In general people on higher BMI side face more discrimination when compared people who are underweight, thus, obese people are at greater risk premature death.

Sutin suggested that weight discrimination do no good and has severe consequences. Instead, we should encourage people to lose or gain weight in more humble manner.

According to a report, more than one billion people around the globe will become obese by 2025. Seeing such a gigantic number itself is mind boggling and discrimination worsens the situation. Moreover, with obesity comes the risk of several other diseases including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc as it is the root of diseases. Thus, we can only encourage people instead of discriminating to reduce premature mortality.

The study was published in the journal Psychological Science.

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    Quite possible. Conclusion of this article, lose weight have less problems and live longer.