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The well-known Russian smartphone manufacturer for its dual screen YotaPhone, Yota Corporation has announced that the firm is soon going to launch its next smartphone. And the new device will not be running on any of the Android flavors.

The firm is developing its own OS, Sailfish by the former Nokia developers at Jolla. It will be a huge win for Jolla as the Finnish Company is looking forward to beat out the Samsung’s Tizen OS to score the Russian smartphone contract.

The developing team told that the Sailfish is at its core derivative of Meego, which was a Nokia OS and eventually abandoned for the Windows Phone. The team further revealed that the new OS will support most of the Android applications (.apk).

Sailfish OS is an open source general-purpose Linux operating system, widely known as a mobile operating system combining the Linux kernel for a particular hardware platform use.

The company hasn’t reported that the new OS, Sailfish will be integrated to the smartphones that were already unveiled in the market, including Yotaphone 2, or the users and reviewers will have to  get their hands on it in the forthcoming devices.

Yota has already kept itself apart from the smartphone competition by featuring its Yotaphone with dual display. The one of them works with electronic ink which gives it a battery life that can reach 100 hours. It offers up to 16 levels of grey, has widgets for stocks, weather and social networks, and acts as an e-reader. Meanwhile, the second one is a normal LED display.

The firm has entered the smartphone market by debuting its first Yotaphone in at CES in Las Vegas back in 2013. Later, the firm has launched its successor, Yotaphone 2 that is currently being retailed at €599 in Europe.

Similarly, several other mobile manufacturers are also trying their strategies by slowly breaking away from Android, as Samsung has already started switching its handset(Z1) to the Tizen OS, on the other hand, Huawei is reportedly set to launch its new operating system. In addition, handsets with open source operating systems like Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch (Canonical) also has been unveiled in the market.

As per the IDC reports, Android and iOS together control more than 96% of the global smartphone market.

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