Salman’s Hit and Run Case takes new turns

In 2002, Salman Khan was alleged to have crashed in a bakery killing one and injuring four whilst he was under the influence of alcohol. The case for the same has been going on for 13 years and has promises of providing answers and sentences in the coming few days, hopefully!

Although the case took a lot of twists and turns with many statements being twisted and turned but now the date has finally been set when the verdict will be announced. Tomorrow Salman shall face his charges and even though his fans want him to be innocent, we cannot neglect the fact that this might not be the truth.

Here are some glimpses of what went down during the case:

  • First, Salman was driving the car, then Khan’s driver Ashok Singh had told the Mumbai sessions court that he was driving the car.
  • Salman was drunk while driving the car, then Doctors said that he wasn’t under any alcoholic influence
  • The car was removed first and it was due to the crane letting go of the car that made a man loose his life and not Salman’s hit.

There are many more arguments and counter arguments that took place in the court and made this case a mess. But we, as Sallu Bhai’s fan would be with him, even if he is wrong and would like to ask him to man up and take responsibility for his actions.

Be it his Buck hunting case or this one, each has had one person or the other losing their life. Be it an innocent animal or a poor road side beggar.

This is indeed a country where people take seconds to judge and it took judges 13 years to judge a case. So, we hope that the justice should be served in a hot platter.

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