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Motorola President Rick Osterloh TeCake

Motorola Rick Osterloh says Apple products are outrageously priced

Motorola exec has hit back at the Apple Inc saying that the price for their mobile devices is “outrageous”.  It came out as a response to Sir Johny Ive’s apparent statement against Motorola when...

Boko Haram plans on trashing the elections again

Boko Haram in its previous attacks had made it very clear that it doesn’t wish peace and treaty but wants to impose their rule. The actions have now been converted to words that have...
Pakistani vessel carrying explosives blows itself at Indian coast tecake

Pakistani vessel carrying explosives blows itself at Indian coast

On the night of December 31, a Pakistani boat, suspicious of illicit activities sank to the bottom of the sea. Theories have been perching around stating that the vessel blew itself up, however, recent...

Swiss prosecutor starts money-laundering investigation against HSBC Bank

Finally, Swiss prosecutors have started a money-laundering investigation against the HSBC Private Bank accused of helping clients in evading millions of dollars in taxes. "Following the recent revelations related to the HSBC Private Bank (Switzerland),...
Apple Inc granted patent for virtual reality headset Tecake

Apple Inc granted patent for virtual reality headset

Apple Inc on Tuesday was granted a patent that will allow the iPhone users to turn their smartphone into a virtual reality headset. The title of the patent was stated as, "Head Mounted Display Apparatus...
Taliban kills Afghani policemen

Taliban demonstrates violence again, kills Afghani policemen

Taliban has yet again showcased violence and made four suicide bombers attack on a police station in Afghanistan where they succeeded in killing 22 policemen and wounded 18 of them. The Taliban spokesman Zabihullah...
Infosys infrastructure tecake

Infosys acquires US-based Panaya for $200 million

One of the largest IT companies in India, Infosys INFY (NSE), has acquired US-based firm Panaya for nearly $200 million. The acquisition is apparently the second largest purchase made by the corporation since 2012....
Sucide bombing lahore pakistan tecake

Suicide bomber stormed police headquarters in Pakistan, 5 killed

Five innocent people were killed, and more than 23 were injured on Tuesday when a Taliban suicide bomber trying to enter a police compound blasted himself in Lahore, Pakistan. The city controlled by the...
State Bank of India Tecake

State Bank of India to take action, Adani $1Bn Australian project loan controversy

One of the state-run banks, State Bank of India is soon expected to give a verdict on the controversial $1 billion loan to the Adani group for the mining project in Australia. Sources familiar...
NSA spying hard drives with irremovable malwares tecake

NSA spying hard drives with irremovable malwares since 2001

In a shocking revealing by the Moscow-based Kaspersky Labs, it was reported that the NSA has been implanting secret malwares on the hard drives manufactured by Seagate, Western Digital and more. The report suggests...
Russian Hacker Tecake

Russian hackers stole $1 billion in biggest heist ever

A Russian cyber crime group has stolen near about $1 billion from the banks in U.S, Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe. The attack is apparently the biggest heist in the entire history of cyber...
Copenhagen Attack Tecake

PM Valls pleads Jews to stay in France

After the recent attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen where a Jewish guard was shot dead in the eyes, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Jews around Europe to migrate back to Israel. France on...
Egypt ISIS tecake

Egypt exacts revenge on ISIS by bombing Islamic state in Libya

In a recent video upload by ISIS, they showed beheading of Egyptian Christians, who were kidnapped by ISIS in 2014. The Egyptian people were outraged, and the government decided to not sit back and...
Ukraine-Russia peace treaty might be in jeopardy

Ukraine-Russia peace treaty might be in jeopardy

Ukraine and Russia after a yearlong  war and violence had finally come to agree on a truce that underwent a 16 hours long meeting among countries like Germany, France, Russia, etc. and it might...
copenhagen 30 shot attack tecake

Danish Police knocks down Copenhagen attack suspect

A few days back Copenhagen suffered an attack where around 30 gunshots were made in a cafeteria by some men whose identity is unknown, although their membership to any terrorist group hasn’t been confirmed....
US and Iraq join forces against ISIS tecake

US and Iraq join forces against ISIS

Iran and U.S.A. has finally decided to join hands and fight against the Islamic terrorist group, ISIS. US sent helicopter gunships to support Iraqi forces that are battling ISIS militants in al-Baghdadi, in retribution...
tim cook tecake

Tim Cook says privacy breach can be life threatening

Speaking about privacy concerns at the White House cybersecurity summit at Stanford University, Apple CEO warned about the hazardous consequences of the privacy breach. None of the personnel including, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Yahoo Marissa...
apple car tecake

Apple Inc in rumors to manufacture electric cars

Apple Inc has been reported to establish a secret research lab for the development of modern electric cars. The Cupertino giant has always been interested in the manufacturing electric vehicles, and this new rumor...
MSG movie review

MSG Review: Say welcome to Religionists

The much controversial film that lead to people resigning from their Censor Board posts and being colored as a political propaganda was released in theaters around the nation (except for Punjab) on Friday. The movie...
Boko Haram attacks Chad and Gombe

Boko Haram attacks Chad and Gombe

Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram has yet again topped the charts of attacking after it assaulted Chad on Friday and Gombe on Saturday. It seems to be targeting those cities and villages that have...
SBI to sell stake in insurance subsidiaries NPAs down tecake

SBI to sell stake in insurance subsidiaries, NPAs down

One of the largest state-run banks in India, SBI, on Friday announced that the bank is looking to sell a percentage of its stake in the insurance subsidiaries and is currently in talks with...

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