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language barrier

Is language barrier still a problem for science?

Language is the most important mode of communication. However, even today, the language barrier is considered as the biggest drawback for science.As we have always seen, most of the journals papers or research documents...
new terrestrial lives

We can find alien life on Jupiter moons Enceladus and Europa in 2017, say...

As the new year struck the clock, the scientists disclose their discovery of new terrestrial lives on Europa. It seems that the long search for new terrestrial lives has finally brought some fresh air...

Shall scientists communicate with public about their discoveries?

Before the sudden twitter fight between scientist Gautam R. Desiraju and a science communicator, no one really thought about the topic in this way. However, with the populace of this social media fight, communication...
Make in India

Will Apple’s ‘Make in India’ help India’s local demand?

Last year, when Apple CEO Tim Cook visited India, it was leaked into the air that, Mr. Tim Cook is visiting India, on his voyage to start Apple's outsourcing unit in India's IT hub...
htc note

HTC Ocean Note is soon to be launched without headphone jack

Recently, a lot of new brands have replaced the old brands in terms of their hi-tech technology and affordability. While HTC series were always known to be overpriced, still it had abundance reputation in...
Vivo V5 Plus India

Vivo V5 Plus to be launched in India on January 23

Smartphone have certainly become all about selfies. The single front camera is no more satisfying selfie freak people. Hence Vivo V5 plus is in the market with its strongest selfie revolution game.After the successful...
Google doodle welcomes new year

Google Welcomes New Year 2017 with its Doodle

The new year is already here with new hopes and new spirits. Last year, 2016, has already taken off and the new year has begun. For some, the leap year was wonderful, while for...
PM Modi Launching BHIM App

BHIM App: The Indian interface of online transaction

BHIM App, or the Bharat Interface for Money App, is another initiative by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The BHIM App has been launched to provide Indians, a cashless, hassle-free, safe and secure payment method....

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