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Antarctica ice shelf cracked by 17 kilometres, says scientists

In a recent research in Antarctica, scientists found out that the crack in Antarctica ice shelf has grown by 17 kilometres and soon going to be a treat for human life.According to the British...
test satellite

China launches new telecommunication test satellite from Xichang satellite launch Centre

On January 6, 2017, China successfully launched in telecommunication Technology test satellite. The satellite was launched from the Xichang satellite launch Centre, situated in the Southwest China province.This telecommunication test satellite was launched at...

ISRO aims for Venus and Jupiter missions after the success of iconic Mangalyaan

ISRO has already launched its Mars orbital mission successfully. After its Mars Orbital mission, ISRO is now planning to send its spacecraft to Venus and Jupiter. However, everything depends on the success of GSLV...
NASA's Chandra

NASA’s Chandra discovers Black Hole Bonanza

NASA's Chandra X-Ray observatory is helping astronomers to find out new dimensions of black hole in the universe. It is slowly uncovering secrets about some mysterious celestials of the universe.Through NASA's Chandra X-ray observatory,...

NASA’s flying observatory finds information about Jupiter

Jupiter is the fifth planet in the solar system. Earlier, observations regarding Jupiter were only possible through the Space. However, recently, NASA's flying observatory SOFIA  has successfully dug up information regarding Jupiter.After the twin...

NASA’s first African-American Astronaut to reach ISS

NASA's astronaut Jeanette Epps is all set to create space history, by becoming the first ever African-American astronaut from NASA to reach ISS.Jeanette Epps completed her Bachelor's degree in Physics from LeMoyne College in...
Mars Rover

NASA’s Mars Rover celebrates 13th anniversary

NASA's Mars Rover that was launched 13 years ago, on Jan 3rd, is celebrating its 13th year anniversary this year. NASA's space agency began its Mars exploration with the launch of Mars Rover, 13...
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Nasa annouces new missions to study solar system

Recently the US Space agency, NASA has declared the launch of two new missions. These missions are focused in the study of the early eras of Solar System. The history of solar systems is hence...
Watch: NASA journey of 'Space to Ground: 2016: A Space Expedition'

NASA plans to resume Webb Space Telescope testing

NASA's Webb Space Telescope, which was launched a few years ago caught an Unexpected response, during one of its routine tests. More than a hundred devices were designed to detect small changes in the...

Earth like icy features found on Pluto

Recently, scientists from NASA have found out earth like icy features on Pluto and suspect this can be a new beginning of discovering new life on other planets.A similar kind of weather forecasting device...

CRISPR can make genetic engineering safe to use

CRISPR has been in the news headline for the long time now. Many reports even said that CRISPR is capable to copy and paste one gene to another. This clearly meant that scientists can...
SLS rocket

SLS tries to understand Rocket’s transonic Behaviour

The picture shows 56 years old NASA wind tunnel rocket which is capable of generating winds up to 900 miles per hour.The transonic Dynamics Tunnel has hosted hundreds of NASA projects in their history....
rare comet

Mysterious comet U1 NEOWISE hurtling towards earth will be visible through naked eyes: NASA

Recently, the scientists of NASA discovered a rare comet U1 NEOWISE, approaching towards a preferably visible position from earth. The comet is a rare one and can be seen sometime during this week. The...
rare clouds on saturn

Stunning NASA Cassini image shows rare clouds appear again on Titan

On 3rd January 2017, NASA reported the appearance of rare clouds in the Northern hemisphere. These clouds are floating high above the hydrocarbon lakes in the Northern latitude.This rare cloud disappeared from the north...
IXPE mission

NASA to start mission for black hole study

Recently NASA has selected IXPE mission for the astronomers to study and explore the black holes of the solar system. The center has reported that they want to solve the cosmic X-ray mysteries.For the...

Scientists discovered Dolphin like reptiles

Recently in South Texas, scientist discovered 90 million old fossils. These fossils look like Dolphin like reptile speices. They are assuming that these reptiles swam in the waters. The bones were spotted on a...

Parental obesity delays development in their children, finds study

Obesity has always been a major problem in America. But in last few decades, it has spread to different parts of the world, and today no country can be found without obesity problem. Obesity...

Dinosaur eggs hatched slowly in 3-6 months like reptiles, finds study

Recent studies about Dinosaurs have unveiled the reason behind the extinction of reptiles from the world. Scientists have found out that, dinosaur eggs takes 3 months to 6 months to hatch. Hence gradually with...

SpaceX is ready to re-launch on this new year

January 8, 2017, will witness the relaunch of SpaceX satellite. According to SpaceX, it has certainly discovered the launchpad explosion that occurred on September 1st, 2016. It is all set for the relaunch, this...
lenovo p2

Lenovo P2 with 5100 mAh will soon launch in India

After certain leaks that we heard about Apple iPhones, HTC ocean series, and Vivo V5 plus launches, it's time for the Make in India brands to come up. Lenovo's newest model, Lenovo P2 will...

BHIM App strikes 3 million downloads in just 4 days!

Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, set 2016 free and welcomed the new year, 2017 with a 'Make in India' gift to his citizens. On December 30th, 2016, Mr. Narendra Modi declared the launch...

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