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black hole

Scientists spotted Giant holes in cosmic backyard

Recently NASA scientists have spotted out two monsters holes in the cosmic backyard of the space. Both of these black holes are the central region of 'active galactic nuclei', say the scientists of NASA...
Hyundai Motor Co. Vice Chairman Euisun Chung speaks during a press event for CES 2017 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Jan. 4 in Las Vegas. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Hyundai stands to make your car talk to your home

In a recent press conference event, Hyundai's Vice President talks about a new technology to make your home and car talk to each other.According to the modern car makers, your car is already an...
Micromax Cheap Phone

Government approaches local manufacturers to launch smartphones under Rs. 2000

The Indian government has approached local mobile phone companies to launch economic transaction enabled smartphones for rural people. This is another big step taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 'Make in India' movement.According...
Nokia New Android phone features leaked Read Specifications here

Nokia New Android phone features leaked: Specs Tipped

Nokia has decided to run its phones powered by Android Nougat and that too, out of the box. Read the specifications here to know more.The company HMD Global presently hold the rights to develop Smartphone...

Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrates Apple’s 10 years anniversary

Recently, the world's biggest Smartphone Company Apple celebrated its 10th anniversary with its CEO Tim Cook. CEO Tim Cook says, more is yet to come!The history of Apple started ten years ago when Apple's CEO...

Solar Storm melts soil on Moon, produces Spark: See Image

Recent studies conducted by NASA have found out that Solar storms approaching toward Moon is about to spark the soil on Moon's poles.According to the scientists, such powerful solar storms can allege up the...

China is setting up World’s highest altitude telescope in Tibet: Report

This New Year, China has also put forward its statement to launch 30 new satellites and break the world record. In context to that, recently China has shared its plans to set up the...

Technology to fight against depression! Read this to know more

Depression has been the problem of all age. From childhood to old age, every person once in their life has gone through depression. Though few depressions are temporary and pass away with time, some...
Apple Jet White iPhone

Is Apple soon to launch ‘Jet White’ iPhone?

Rumors are on the air talking about Apple's new launch. Will Apple soon launch its jet white iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s plus? Well, the rumors say it will!Recently Apple's own brand, Beats had...

Study says tablet devices may cure Dementia

Recent studies in the field of health science have found out that using tablet devices can cure Dementia in people.According to these studies conducted so far, using tablet devices to utilize music or art...
venki ramakrishnan

Scientist Venki says awards are milestones for them, just not a prize

Nobel Laureate Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, popularly known as Venki said to media that scientists should not work for awards. Awards must be a milestone for more achievements in the case of scientists.In the award ceremony of the...

Poor connectivity in your brain makes you HATE music

Recent studies conducted by the doctors have proved that poor connectivity in your brain makes you hate music. This symptom is a threat to Anhedonia. Lack of brain connectivity also affects other functions in...

Samsung projects regenerating revenue on China’s memory chip

The improved performance of Samsung is evidently showing its grand return to the market after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smart phones.The Korean Electronics company, Samsung Electronics Co. emphasized on the flexibility of its business...

New organ ‘Mesentery’ discovered inside human body in a research

Human body has always been appealing to doctors. Recently a new organ named Mesentery, inside human body has been discovered. It connects the intestine to the abdomen.This news can be shocking to general public....
heart diseases

Facing heart diseases? Know how to cure it

Heart diseases have become the new reason to invest in health insurances in our country. 6 out of 10 people face heart disease at the age of 30. This is not a good sign...
Expedition 50

NASA astronauts complete first two upgrade Spacewalk of Expedition 50

This morning two astronauts from NASA successfully completed their first two upgrade spacewalk. Shane Kimbrough, the mission Expedition 50 Commander and Peggy Whitson, the flight Engineer for Expedition 50 successfully concluded their spacewalk at 1:55 p.m....

MIT researchers developed Graphene, a porous material but lighter than steel

In a very popular study published in the journal of Science Advances, Researcher Markus Buehler, and his fellow colleagues showed public, how fusing and compressing Graphene flakes can give birth to the new material. He...
Rare Galaxy

Watch this stunning extremely rare and old galaxy having two rings with elliptical orbits

Recently astronomers have discovered a rare galaxy. It is 359 million light years old. And this rare galaxy was shocking to the eyes of the astronomers.This rare galaxy is named rather unimposing. It is...

NASA discovers ‘Exocomets’ reaching for young stars

Interstellar forecast for a nearby star to Earth have shown dipping comets into the stellar.  NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has recently discovered Exocomets dipping onto the star HD 172555, which is a young 23...
spider silk

Scientists discovered spider silk that can be used to extract regenerative medicine

Recently scientists have discovered a spider silk which can be fruitfully used to extract regenerative medicines, infused with antibiotics and heals wounds.Scientists and researches came up with a new click in hand to show...

Scientists aim to find out first alien life in our universe by 2030

According to the Scientist, by 2030, we can find out the first second of life in our universe, by studying its photons.Scientists find out that the photons are trapped inside the hard matter of...

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