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Kanishk Singh, co-founder and editor-in-chief at, has forayed in the healthcare for over two years, he enjoys his stint as an editor of several local health magazines. Kanishk has a fair understanding of the complex profile of the Indian healthcare scenario and enjoys his work in this direction. Contact: editor[at]
scientists claim presence of alien life

New ‘Ghost Particle’ hints existence of alien life

Speculations about existence of alien life has become a part of our life for a very long time and now some researchers, in their latest findings, have presented some ground proofs about the presence...
weight loss surgery may icrease dippression in some

Leptin and insulin can instruct brain to shed extra fat

A new study has revealed that two naturally forming hormones in the body can instruct the brain to burn more fat. The findings might play a vital role in preventing obesity by converting white...
energetic 20 minute walk can delay premature death

Brisk 20 minute walk a day can delay premature death

20 minute walk daily can decrease your chances of early death, says a new research. According to the researchers from Cambridge University, inactivity is more dangerous than obesity. Inactive persons are twice more likely...
NASA's Horizon Spacecraft starts exploring firststage of exploring Pluto, a task that has never been done before

NASA’s New Horizon begins first stage of Pluto exploration

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is on an edge of creating history by commencing its first ever encounter with Pluto, a historical event that has never been done before.  The spacecraft is entering into a...
Xiaomi Mi 4

Xiaomi set to launch Mi 4 by end of January

The Apple of China, Xiaomi is set to take few jaws of Apple and Samsung. Yesterday, the company announced Mi Note and Note Pro - their new flagship smartphone of 2015. In addition to...
a girl sending text messsage

Texting and watching videos can help reduce weight, says research

Until today, we knew that the heavy usage of smartphone, especially in texting, affects health adversely. However, researchers at the Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, United States have come up...
asteroid to make a close encounter with earth on january 26

Asteroid to swoop by Earth on 26 Jan, closest encounter till 2027

America’s top space agency, NASA has warned that an asteroid named as 2004 BL86 will make a close encounter with the Earth on January 26 this year. Scientists say, that it will be the...

Kerry reveals Barack Obama excitement for Republic Day in India

US president Barrack Obama is very excited about his visit to India at the Republic Day commemoration on 26 January, John Kerry, Secretary of State told reporters. Kerry said that he is also very excited...
Sharks can hold sperm for nearly 4 years to produce their kids

Sharks can store sperm for 4 year before producing kids

Adult brownbanded bamboo shark can hold sperms for nearly four years before giving birth to her kids,  says biologist from the California Academy of Sciences. Researchers got surprised when adult female sharks at Steinhart...
hike messenger buys Zip Phone to provide free voice call services

Hike buys Zip Phone, looking forward to provide free voice calls

Indian based Hike messenger app led by Kavin Mittal has overtaken US-based Zip Phone that offers free voice call services over VoIP. The price of the deal is not disclosed yet. It seems that...
several dead and wound in suicide bomb attack in sanna

33 killed in suicide bomb attack at Yemen police enrollment

At least 33 were killed, and several other were wounded when a suicide bomber exploded his car near Yemeni Police College, in Sanna, on Wednesday. No one has taken the responsibility of the attack...
Harshvarshan saying, indians gave credit to other researchers

Pythagoras Theorem was discovered by Indians: Dr. Harshvarshan

Indians made several discoveries but selflessly gave credit to other scientists including renowned Pythagoras theorem, said Dr. Hardhwardhan, Union minister of science and technology, at the inauguration of the 102nd edition of the Indian...

Australian reaserchers exploring aspirin to cure dementia

Aspirin that was previously known as pain killer later used as a diluter of coagulated arteries is now can be used in treating dementia and other neuro-cardio-vascular diseases, according to Monash University, Australia. The...
women working in shifts have increased chances of CVD and Caner

Working in rotating shift increases chance of CVD and Cancer: study

Working in rotating night shifts may deteriorate your health, a new study suggests. According to the study working in shifts, increases the chances of development of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) and contributes...
delhi elections to be held in february, bjp likely to win

Assembly elections in Delhi likely to held in February

According to latest sources, Delhi can see assembly elections in the middle of February. Election Commission might announce dates for 70 member assembly election this week. As per the trends BJP and Aam Admi...
Microsoft files lawsuit against several companies including Indian based company for fraud

Microsoft files lawsuit against Indian based company for fraud

Microsoft is on new mission of suing companies for falsely claiming that they are affiliated to Microsoft’s technical support. Lawsuit is also filled against an India based company. According Redmond Giant these companies were...
A man wearing cicret bracelet and operating smartphone through skin

Cicret Bracelet will convert your skin into smartphone

Engineers have made another breakthrough in wearable devices when they used their skin to operate a smartphone. Yes! People will be able to perform gestures on their skin including swipe, tap, pinch to zoom...
Underwater turtle shaped robot that can perform marine operations

Underwater robots to help scientists in marine operations

With an aim of helping scientists in underwater tasks, engineers from Singapore have created smart turtle robot that can conduct many marine operations including cable inspections, checking underwater pipes, ship hull or a propeller’s...
police checking traces of bomb blasts

Woman killed, three injured in a blast outside restaurant: Bangalore

Once again, terrorist tried to haunt people with a blast in Bangalore. Reportedly a woman died, and three were injured in the explosion that contained low power IED (Improvised Explosive Device). Terrorist chose a...

India will soon return to high economic growth: Raghuram Ranjan

At the annual conference of Indian Economic Association on Friday, Reserve Bank of India Chief, Raghuram Ranjan said that , though the country is still not on a firm footing to return to high...

SpiceJet to submit rescue plan today, likely to invest Rs 1,200 crore

The cash-strapped Airline Company; SpiceJet will submit the rescue plan to civil aviation ministry today. The company was searching for investors and government official asked to submit their plan for revival. The plan includes investment...

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