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BitTorrent TeCake

BitTorrent Red Eye Studios join hands to produce TV shows

BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer music and movies sharing service, on Wednesday announced that it had partnered with a film studio to produce online movies and shows. The move has been considered as if the company...
Uber India Mobile app

Uber features 24×7 SOS service in app

After getting banned in the capital, due to rape allegations against Shiv Kumar Yadav -- one of its drivers; on Wednesday the company has introduced a panic button and tracking features in its taxi hailing...
Apple inc Tecake

Apple Inc inks down with third-party manufacturers to discourage future leaks

Apple Inc is working to minimize the leaks that usually surface on the Internet from third party accessory manufacturers. The manufacturers usually take up the rumored specifications into consideration and start building the cases...
Tesla motors Tecake

Elon Musk Tesla Motors hires 150 Apple Inc employees

Tesla Motors, leading company in electric cars, has been reported to hire most of its employees that have previously worked at the Apple Inc. As per the CEO Elon Musk, Cupertino giant and Tesla...

Voice Calling feature spotted in WhatsApp for Apple iOS

After getting reports about WhatsApp for Android for company's voice calling VoIP feature, WhatsApp has started rolling out the voice calling feature for Apple iOS devices also. On Thursday, iPhone users started reporting about visibility of...
WhatsApp for Smartphone

Teenage discovers WhatsApp privacy flaw

A seventeen year old security researcher, Indrajeet Bhuyan, discovered some of the bugs in WhatsApp that cannot only allow you to see the profile pictures of those with privacy barriers, but also the images...
New Chinese regulation enforces real-name registration for Internet tecake

New Chinese regulation enforces real-name registration for Internet

In a recent report, Chinese government has imposed new regulations asking its users to register themselves on the Internet with their real names. The order came in by for the government to take control...
Slow Internet speed is a big hurdle in Digital India Mission: Modi

Slow Internet speed is a big hurdle in Digital India Mission: Modi

Sources reported that PM Narendra Modi wants the reason behind the slow Internet speed in India. On Tuesday, PM Modi asked the telecom secretary Rakesh Garg the reason behind the inability of Internet Service...
Apple watch gold edition tecake

Apple Inc installing lockers to safeguard gold edition Watch

Apple Inc is reportedly installing safes in the stores worldwide to protect the gold edition of the upcoming Apple Watch. Installation of the safes, clearly depicts how expensive the gold version of the watch...

New Raspberry Pi 2 $35 model to run on Microsoft Windows 10

According to a recent announcement made on the Raspberry Pi Foundation's website, the foundation has unveiled yet another addition to the Raspberry Pi low-cost computer family. Announcing Raspberry Pi 2, the foundation is releasing...
WhatsApp rolls out its voice calling feature

WhatsApp rolling out voice call feature for selected Android users

Most popular chat messaging service, WhatsApp started rolling out the most awaited voice calling feature to its Android App. However, the feature will be available to selected users as an "invite " is required...
Samsung Group launches portable SSD T1 drive

Samsung Group launches portable SSD T1 drive

Samsung Group has launched a portable hard drive boasting a storage space of one terabyte. Coming in a minuscule form factor, the drive is composed of ultra fast SSDs that can read and write...
ignore no more logo

Parent could get control over their spouses’ smartphone, thanks to ‘Ignore No More’ app

Teens could no more ignore their parent calls, thanks to Ignore No More smartphone app that could lock the child's device if they ignored calls from their parent. The app promises to help parents in getting...

CES 2015: Nikon unveil its first touchscreen D5500 DSLR

Nikon brings in a great news for the budding photographer by announcing the launch of all new Nikon D5500 at CES 2015.There aren't visible differences in the image quality of Nikon D5500 and its...

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